Guide to International SIM Cards

International SIM cards are a great tool for frequent international travellers to save money on roaming charges while keeping connected during their trip. Click on any of the articles below to help answer your questions about Travel SIM cards.  You can also check out our FAQ page or contact us if you have specific questions about the Wraptel International SIM Card.


Tips to Extend your International SIM Card Dollars
While a Global SIM Card already lets you save on roaming charges, learn which VoIP Apps are best to use when travelling. And check out the even lower long-distance rates when placing calls with the Wraptel VoIP App.

How to Unlock Your Phone to Use an International SIM Card
Unlocking mobile phones and devices allows you to use your device on other compatible networks. For mobile devices with SIM slots, users can freely switch between SIM cards from different network carriers (local or international).

How Do International SIM Cards Work
International SIM cards are quite different from local SIM cards. Unlike local SIM cards that are programmed to only work on one network, International SIM Cards work on multiple networks in different geographical locations around the globe. 

When Does It Make Sense to Buy an International SIM Card?
If you're wondering whether or not to buy an International SIM card when travelling abroad, here are three scenarios when an International SIM card can help you save both TIME and MONEY.

Cost-Effective Cell Phone Alternatives when Travelling Internationally
Travelling internationally and wondering what are the best options for cell phone usage when you're abroad? Here are some cost-effective options instead of paying those hefty international roaming charges.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an International SIM Card
With the various options available for getting mobile connectivity when travelling abroad, learn the main reasons why a pre-paid international sim card gives you the best option to stay connected.

Which iPhone Models Can Use International SIM Cards
Planning on travelling and wondering if you can use an international SIM Card for your iPhone? Here's a guide to learning which iPhone models can take advantage of International SIM Cards.

Why Wraptel's International SIM Card Data Charges Are More Cost Effective
Not all International SIM cards charge the same. For one, Wraptel charges in 10kb increments. This method of charging is far more cost-effective for the users. Click to learn more.

What is the Best Prepaid International SIM Card?
Choosing an International SIM Card can be overwhelming and time consuming. Discover the features that make up the best prepaid International SIM Cards on the market!

How do Prepaid International SIM Cards work.
Planning on travelling and wondering if you can use a Prepaid International SIM Card for your journey? Here's a guide to learning more about how prepaid International SIM Cards work.

How to Set Up A Prepaid International SIM Card
To get a better understanding on how to set up a Prepaid International SIM Card follow the steps outlined in this guide.