How to set up a Prepaid International SIM card

Businesspeople tend to travel a lot and wherever they go, keeping in contact with their friends and family members is important. To help with this, different kinds of SIMs, known as International SIMs, were invented.

Before International SIM cards, it was common to buy another local SIM card specifically for the region one was travelling to, otherwise roaming services had to be enabled on your domestic SIM. However, in today's world, this isn't the case and many SIMs act as multipurpose. It means that they can be used wherever you go. Unfortunately, many people lack significant knowledge about how they can set up a prepaid International SIM card.

That is why, today, we will go through how you can set up a prepaid International SIM card.

How does it work?

Before discussing the steps, let us tell you how it works. An international SIM card works globally, and it can work on different cellular networks.

Moreover, an international SIM card allows you to switch between your local number and the number of the country you are currently residing in or traveling to.

How to set up a Prepaid International SIM card?

To set up a Prepaid international SIM card, follow the steps specified below:

1. Unlock your phone

Before setting up your prepaid International SIM card, make sure that your phone is unlocked. Here unlocking does not refer to unlocking your phone by putting in your password, it means that your phone should be unlocked at the carrier level and be able to detect the prepaid International SIM.

The unlocking of your phone requires some basic steps that your cellular network provider can do. If your phone is not unlocked, it will not detect the International SIM card. The only SIM that it would be able to detect would be the current domestic SIM that you are using.

2. Make sure that the SIM is registered.

The next thing that you should consider before setting up your prepaid international SIM card is to make sure it is registered. Most of the prepaid international SIMs are registered, and you don't have to worry about it. But if it is not or you are unsure, make sure to contact your cell service provider or visit their website.  

3. Switch off your phone

The next step you should take while setting up your prepaid International SIM card is to make sure that your phone is switched off. It is one of the most crucial steps that you should not consider skipping. Without a reboot, your phone might end up unable to detect your prepaid international SIM.

4. Insert your prepaid International SIM card into your phone

After switching off your phone, just insert the prepaid international SIM card into your phone. It can be inserted in two ways. One requires removing the back cover of the phone and inserting the SIM. This method is for those who have SIM slots on the back of their phones, near the battery area.

The second method just requires pulling out the SIM tray by pressing it with a small needle. Remember that every phone has a different structure and area where the SIM should be inserted.

According to your phone's model, choose one of the above methods and insert your prepaid international SIM card.

After completing the above-specified steps, the next step requires no effort. You just have to simply turn your phone back on, and your phone would be able to detect the inserted prepaid International SIM card.

It will only happen if all the steps that are listed above are properly followed. If one of the steps is missed, then the SIM will not be detected by your phone and it will not work.

5. Set up the SIM's data

To use the internet on your mobile phone after installing the prepaid International SIM, you have to set up a data plan. To do this, you must choose an APN by going into your phone's settings, click wireless and networks, and then click mobile networks.

After clicking on mobile networks, select APN (Access Point Names), and set your cellular service provider's name. If you are not sure what the name is, contact your cellular network provider or visit their website.

6. Top-up / Recharge the SIM

After installing your prepaid international SIM card, make sure to top up your SIM. As the SIM is prepaid, you must frequently recharge it to call and text your friends or family members.

  1. Recharging the prepaid International SIM is easy. However, if you do not know about the topping-up process, make sure to contact your international SIM provider or visit their website.
  2. Moreover, some cellular service providers are very user-friendly and give you the option to recharge your prepaid international SIM card through online means.

In addition to this, many cellular network providers can automatically recharge your SIM once it runs out. To do this, all you must do is chose an automatic top-up plan. You can get information about the offers given by your provider as a new user.

Final Remarks:

Above are the steps through which you can effectively set up your prepaid international SIM. Make sure to buy your prepaid international SIM card from a reliable cellular service provider. Also, make sure to choose a reliable top-up plan.